Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As I suspected...

As I suspected my body was trying to jump start labor the other night.  We ended up at labor and delivery yesterday because I couldn't get my contractions and back ache to go away.  After two shots of Brethine and four hours in labor and delivery the contractions finally slowed and I got to come home with strict instructions of taking it easy.  The nurse really wanted to give me a third shot of Brethine but my heart rate was too high and she didn't want to risk it.  I had a couple more contractions last night and two this morning...but nothing consistent.  The good news is that the contractions that I were having were only making minimal changes but they did not like that they were every 2-4 minutes and lasting a minute.  She was certain that they were going to start making changes and with my history...once the changes start happening, it happens fast.  So I am trying to convince my sweet baby to stay in just a little longer.  They want her to stay in until at least 36 weeks, which is only a week from Friday.  I cannot believe that there is a possibility of meeting my new daughter in a week and half... but at the most I only have to wait 5 weeks from Friday.  It seems to have gone so fast!!

I did realize yesterday that I have the sweetest and most adorable kids in the whole wide world.  We took them to the hospital with us yesterday, not sure how long I would be there and did not want to inconvenience anyone with having to watch them.  William was very concerned for me and kept walking over and patting my leg saying "it ok, mommy, you ok".  Then he would proceed over to check out the monitors.  He would rub his chin and say "hmmm...three..five, you ok".  Emmelyn colored me pictures and let me know what my blood pressure and the baby's heart rate was often.  Emmelyn was also very interested in watching the paper that tracked my contractions, making sure to let me know when I had another one.  LOL  This reminded me of my father who is always sure to make sure I know when I am having a contraction when he is there while I am in labor.  I always laugh...like I don't know, right?  Over all the kids behaved very well for the four hours we were there, but they were more than ready to get out of there by the time I was released.  As was I!  I was exhausted and hated the way the Brethine made me feel.  We went back to work with Joel for an hour and then we came home, I climbed in the bath, and then in to bed.

I am not good at the taking it easy thing... when Joel left for work this morning I got a run down of the things I was not supposed to do and the things I can do... the list for the things I am not supposed to do is much longer than the other list.  I look around the house and hate that I cannot vacuum, sweep, mop, unload the dishwasher (bending down over and over again is a no no), and the list goes on....  I am allowed to get Emmelyn to load the laundry in the dryer and I can sit and fold the clothes.  I am also allowed to wipe down counters... and that pretty much sums up the list of things that my husband has informed me I am allowed to do.  I feel so bad for him.  This means that he will go work a 9 hour day and then come home and clean the house for me... I hate that but I know that it is necessary for now to keep Izabella in the oven for just a little longer.

I know in a few weeks I will have my hands so completely full and be wondering how I am going to make this work.  I will be trying to figure out how to get all the housework done while caring for myself, my newborn, and my older children.  I know I should be grateful for the rest right now and enjoy putting my feet up.  I know that I am grateful for a husband and family that cares!

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Shannon said...

I'm praying for you and that sweet girl. Please keep us posted!!